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Total Car – Magazine – Power Meter: Suzuki Swift Sedan 1.6 16V

Now we can say binary fuel

6/2/2022 09:36

Since it has been reliable for 20 years, operating costs can be reduced by the cost of gasoline, that is, cheap gas.

Everyone knows Swift. The establishment of the first full-fledged automobile plant in Hungary in the early 1990s was a serious matter. The face-lift version of Swift started in Esztergom in 1992. At first it was made in three colors, then the color range, body and then engine variants were expanded. This was undoubtedly the climax: a limousine with a 1,600 16-valve engine. Today, the surviving samples have already fallen into the hands of working cars or fans. It does not give you much driving experience, in return it takes you to your destination on the cheap. This Suzuki has a serious history that the owner told us. It’s the top winner in the App Description Literary Contest!

And if you want to get somewhere cheaper, it’s LPG or car gas. Even with today’s exotic fuel prices, LPG is definitely cheaper, moreover, the energy source is diversified. This means that you can easily refuel by passing the line while waiting for gasoline.

It has a bit of a macera, from tank to refueling volume, but it’s well worth it – once you put the gas kit in the car. We were interested in what the Suzuki seat would show with the two types of fuel.

At Hubdyno Budapest we still measure the car on the axle. Important! Here, too, we can measure the performance of each wheel! We do not go back to the crankshaft because this measurement does not allow measurement of drive losses unlike cylinder dynamometers.

We like the unused fuel analogy that they both start with the other because there is no way to teach long-term adaptation.

We still describe it as too good for us to print like; If you like it, share it and subscribe to your car A Application form By packing it up, even with a more modern four-wheel drive and/or electric vehicle, such as on FacebookFollow me Our Youtube Channel!

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