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Total Car – Magazine – Renault will also be an electric car brand

It’s not the first time we’ve heard a similar promise, but automakers don’t have many options: the EU will apparently be implementing reciprocal drives by the end of the decade, leaving only Australia and emerging markets where it can still be baked.

Renault has now promised that by 2030 there will be no more electric cars on offer in Europe, and by 2035 there will be no production of internal combustion engine models, at least for the types of diamond decals.

Of course, there is an escape route if the electric car battery doesn’t get as cheap as many hope. No such promise was made regarding Dacia, in fact, they say that the Romanian brand will keep piston engines on offer for as long as necessary. Thus, they can expect revenue from somewhere even if the electric vehicle remains expensive for some decades, or the lack of other factors, such as infrastructure, will hinder its rapid spread.

No other concrete plans were attached to the promises, but a Megan I-Tech Electric, and Renault 5 and the Renault 4 With its electric intellectual successors, the company appears to have embarked on its path to becoming an electric vehicle manufacturer. However, at least one generation of Renault’s piston or hybrid vehicles is expected by 2030, with the nearest Kadjar, for example, due to the mid-size SUV known as the Austral.

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