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Total Car – Magazine – The four-cylinder Mercedes SL was introduced

Although there are only four cylinders in the Mercedes-AMG SL43, the engine that will be included is a new version of the M139, which is still the most powerful 2-liter in the world.

The SL The length of the engine type, so some details of the four-cylinder AMG had to be changed. Plus, it probably wasn’t meant to break the power record either, so the 400-plus horsepower engine in the A-Class is 381 hp, which is less than 40 hp. AMG in the A45S Portable version.

The four cylinders are electrically reverse turbocharged to reduce turbo latency, and a belt-driven alternator is also included, which not only helps reduce fuel consumption but can add 14 horsepower for a few seconds if needed.

Obviously, the 2-liter turbo engine and the 9-speed automatic transmission do well in the SL chassis is not so easy: the manufacturer gives an acceleration time of 4.9 seconds to a top speed of 275 km / h. Consumption according to WLTP is 8.9-9.4 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers, which is clearly achievable with economical rolling, which reduces the use of engine capabilities.

By the way, the four-cylinder model differs slightly from the V8 versions: it can be recognized by such details as the rounded exhaust tips unique to this version.

This is the first time that an AMG four-cylinder engine can be found longitudinally installed, but hearing that is not the last: similar engines are expected in the C and E sports versions in the future.