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Total Car – Magazine – The new Jaguar sports car is nothing more than a dream

It’s a long tradition of car manufacturers designing virtual racing cars for the Gran Turismo game series itself. For the seventh generation, Jaguar has now released one, the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster.

The super aerodynamic sports car is not the first of its kind: in 2019, a similar virtual sports car was built Vision Gran Turismo CoupeAnd in 2020 another Vision Gran Turismo SV – the new Roadster is very close to those. The body shape is similar, but the roof has been dropped from the latest version, creating the right-hand side open single-seater driver’s seat in the style of the three-time Le Mans winner’s D-Type.

There’s no real powertrain, of course, because the car itself doesn’t exist either, but Jaguar’s engineers added one thing: It would essentially produce the 1,020 horsepower that would be needed to power a 1.4-tonne three-engine, all-wheel drive vehicle. With the hypothetical sports car, it will be possible to accelerate to a hundred cars in Gran Turismo 7 in two seconds, and its top speed will be somewhere above 320 km / h, although no details have been announced yet.

The most important promise, of course, is that the open maneuverability boasts excellent maneuverability and exceptional handling – no aspect is more important for the hypothetical competitors who will use it.

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