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Totalcar – Magazine – Audi has shown something about the future of the A8

It is not strange even to large car manufacturers that they sometimes get out of the car with a very separate study, which then, for lack of a better study, is only Like a rolling living room It can be interpreted by the host audience. Audi does something like this now when it shows its study of the big field, but it really does look like this silently sliding luxury cabin will indeed be a car, even by the middle of the decade.

There seems to be enough work in Audi’s electric car development program, which is Artemis-From. For example, three studies began to form some time ago, trying to express the mediocre future of the Audi electric car: the Grand Sphere, the Urban Sphere and the Sky Sphere. The latter will be a sports car, and the Urban is expected to be an urban SUV, perhaps a minivan, even a Grand, some photos of which have just been released: this will be the not-too-distant heir to the Audi A8, where driving is little but more than ever.

It’s a shame that I’m so friendly with details, of course, that’s still understandable. The catch, though, is that Audnia expects to be electric with a range of up to 800 km by the time it becomes a Level 4 self-driving car. This level no longer requires almost any human intervention, but the study clearly shows steering and pedals if needed.

Presumably, Audi also calculates that if they can jump on this with the software, the car will be able to drive itself for a long time, and the goal is to have the interior at the highest level for that period. Driver Comfort. Judging by the pictures, it will bring that, but the rest of the mood after all of this is by 2024, when it’s planned to become a production car, we’ll see, but it will depend at least as much on the legal terms around self-driving as Audi engineers. In any case, the study will be shown in physical form for the first time in September at the Munich Motor Show.