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Totalcar – Magazine – BMW cars can be easily drawn on anything using a new process

BMW, together with professional partner Dürr, has developed a new coating process that can be used to apply highly intricate patterns to sheet metal surfaces without any masking or masking: EcoPaintJet Pro is the name of the process and is already under trial at the Dongolfing plant.

In the process, the robotic arms developed by Dürr can draw sharp-edged lines on cars 1-50 mm thick with high-pressure jets of paint, so you can work with perfectly defined colors without masking. The biggest advantage of this is that it makes manual masking completely unnecessary even for complex patterns, for example, large chains can be used to paint ciphers, stripes and patterns on cars. BMW will first test the process on the M4 Series for internal use, but later the EcoPaintJet Pro will be incorporated into the production order to some extent.

Another great advantage of this technique is that it is economical with paint, as it puts you just where you need it. Hence the name Eco. Although they don’t write down how much paint they save, in the process BMW said it could save up to 6000 megawatt-hours of energy in 7000 hours.

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