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Totalcar – Magazine – Caterham can keep Lotus Elise alive

Previously The farewell series has also been presented, But you might not need to bury Lotus Elise permanently yet. It’s rumored that the Caterham owner wants to buy the production rights and tools of the kind Lotus is supposed to want to sell, so he sees no obstacle to the business meeting.

Lotus is entering a whole new era of electric driving, partially or completely, on the one hand, and automated production as much as possible on the other hand. Absolutely They leave their pasts behindCut off their current models and try to produce cars that can be sold in larger numbers at a higher profit. By stripping them of their industrial nature, they no longer have room for items that require a lot of manual labor, like the aluminum Elise / Exige frame.

Caterham plans the future as a plant, so it will be very clear for them to take over a well-established and successful enterprise or even a whole type. It wouldn’t be an unprecedented draw, after all, they still build their cars on the grounds of the Super 7 they previously bought from Lotus. In addition, the Elise base has been shown to be suitable for electric propulsion (see Tesla Roadster), Which is in line with their plans for the near future. In the background, it is likely that advanced negotiations are already underway, which is only a matter of time before the news is announced. In any case, the British press is happy, because it is still a 26-year-old British type who will be kept alive by another British workshop.

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