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Totalcar – Magazine – Electric 3 is first built on the new BMW platform

According to Britain’s Autocar, BMW has begun development of the new 3 Series, a Neue Klasse platform that has already been designed for electric cars.

The existence of the Neue Klasse has only been heard from since the end of the summer. This is the platform on which all BMW cars will be built in the medium term. As per previous promises, anything between size classes 2 and X7 can be built on it. According to the latest news, it will first receive its successor, the BMW 3, from 2025, which has already begun to develop under the working name NK1.

For now, all we know about the platform itself is that it’s designed to build on uncompromising electric vehicles in addition to traditional petrol and diesel models. From what we’ve heard so far, it’s possible that the brand’s PTO-driven rear-wheel drive is no longer in use here: the internal combustion engine can move forward and drive forward, and the rear-wheel drive will be electrically resolved.

The main difference between the FAAR and CLAR platforms in use today is that the Neue Klasse already takes into account the space requirements of a modular battery system, so designers don’t have to make too many compromises when building electric vehicles. The new platform is also said to offer technical solutions such as an 800-volt electrical system or a 350 kW charging speed.

According to the British newspaper, the new electric BMW 3, expected by the middle of the decade, similar to the electric version of the Fiat 500 and Porsche Macan, will initially be available in parallel with the petrol versions. This is not surprising, since the Model 3 is the most popular BMW model, they can not risk losing revenue from different types of gasoline.

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Until the introduction of the NK1, electric cars rebuilt from BMW’s internal combustion engines will come: two of them will certainly be made, the i5 and i7, in addition to the already introduced iX3, iX and i4.