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Totalcar – magazine – one of the best BMW sports coupes

The first BMW M3 was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985, and two generations later the compatible car became a fast, comfortable sports coupe, but the E46 was also built with a solid version, the M3 CSL, which takes 7 minutes. The Nürburgring at 50 seconds is clearly one of the holy grail of the car of the future.

BMW has now revived the CSL name, but it is M 4He doesn’t even have a chance to be as easy as the M3 was. 110 pounds was thrown from the M3 field, reducing its weight to 1.4 tons. The carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic roof panel alone weighs 7 kg, while the car’s center of gravity is slightly lower, which is always a good thing to handle.

Lightweight clamshell seats were included, but the rear seat was also simpler in design and there was no armrest in the CSL, but they tried to sculpt the gram at several points in the car. For example, the M steering wheel has only one button, and the rough mode can be activated. A dose of soundproofing has been eliminated, by default neither the navigation system nor the car’s air conditioner. Anyone who doesn’t want to get bogged down in the car until the race track is resolved, of course.

The 19-inch magnesium rims are packed in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, with stiffer suspension from the rear. The S54B32 is a 3.2 liter inline petrol engine with 360 hp in CSL. S fetch Notorious SMG The gear, which was not accidentally converted too enthusiastically, was connected to a manual gear for the English workshop.

With just under 1,400 units made of the BMW M3 CSL in black or gray metallic, this car, announced in France, now has just over 86,000 kilometers and a scratch of 100,000 euros from the bottom. Its ideal state is at least as attractive as the myths built around it.