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Totalcar – Magazine – The BMW 3 Series stormed the Indian elite with a crystal shifter and glowing kidneys

In many ways, it is advantageous for car manufacturers to sell the same model in different parts of the world, but most financiers are happy with this phenomenon. It is also useful to use a freely changing platform such as BMW CLAR, which is from the third to the third X7 AceUntil the cars are built, so you can smoothly extend the 3 wheelbase as well.

In Asia, there are not only driver’s versions of traditional luxury sedans, but smaller models of smaller models are also made. That’s why the 3 Gran Limousine might be sandwiched between a BMW 3 and 5. This BMW 3 is 110 millimeters in length and is also available at home, so it’s 4829 millimeters in length and 2,961 millimeters in wheelbase. The BMW, manufactured in Chennai, India, is available with two engines: the 330Li with 258 hp and the 320-liter 190 hp, with torque of 400 Nm for both.

The exterior is very similar to the three models we encounter on the roads, but the Iconic Edition is easily recognizable in the extended version of the crystal switch button taken from the larger models and the illuminated grille.

This isn’t exactly the prettiest of the 3, but fortunately the green M340i is good to look at:

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