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Tourism “People Want to Travel”

Tourism “People Want to Travel”

With improved epidemic data, increased vaccination rate, and associated mitigation, the tourism situation appears to be improving. According to the Hungarian Tourism Agency, people want to travel, and this is reflected in the increasing number of reservations. Essay of the week.

“People yearn to travel”

With the emergence of the coronavirus epidemic and the restrictions imposed to curb it, the tourism sector was immediately affected: during the first wave, experts expected a loss of more than 800 billion Swiss francs to the local economy. Now, however, the situation appears to be improving with improved epidemic data, increased vaccination rates, and associated mitigation. With the protection card, we can use more and more services: we can travel to a hotel, for example, but we can also go to a spa or even a restaurant.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency monitors the evolution of the travel mood on a weekly basis, and accordingly 67 percent of people want to travel. According to the information provided to the weeks, a large number of bookings arrive for the Pentecost weekend, and the percentage of those planning a summer trip is constantly increasing. “After long restrictions, people are eager to travel and experience, so it is expected that traffic will resume quickly and in large quantities, primarily locally,” they said.
According to the agency, the increase in the desire to travel is also supported by the advance reservation data of the National Tourist Information Center. According to this, nearly a million guest nights were booked by May, which is a large percentage on the Pentecost weekend, three-quarters of which were domestic travelers. These days, the interest in health hotels has increased more than others, and bookings from families are constantly increasing. However, people are still cautious: they leave their travel decisions for the past few days, but the confidence is gradually returning.

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According to MTÜ analyzes, the number of pre-bookings for the summer months is also constantly increasing: more than 1 million guest nights per month are registered in NTAK, 55% of the population.
In terms of the summer months, hotels are the most popular (69 percent), followed by private and other accommodations, guesthouses and campgrounds. Even in the summer, Lake Balaton is the most popular destination, followed by Matra-Buk, Debrecen and its surroundings, as well as the Budapest and Buk-Sarvar region. Based on guest summer night reservations received so far, the top sending countries are Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and the United Kingdom, which is also in line with previous years. But Israel could also be an important tourist destination, as travel is expected to increase due to the extremely high vaccination rate in the world.
Hungary is currently accepting security certificates from other countries through bilateral agreements. At the moment, such an agreement has been concluded with Bahrain, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, so that tourists from this country can use their certificate of vaccination.

“The local holiday has a place again”

Data from last year indicate that the epidemic has boosted domestic tourism. “Once again, the local vacation has a place,” said MTÜ. In summer, beaches and spas are still the most popular, but ecotourism is getting more and more popular. It can also be seen that the popularity of private accommodations has also increased during the pandemic, but according to MTÜ, the promise of expertise, flexible booking conditions and hygiene precautions are still prominent factors in choosing a destination.
The NGO aims to help companies in the sector develop a safe operating model with the so-called Covid-19 handbook, but it also stresses the importance of vaccination. “After all, the more people have vaccinated themselves, the faster we can regain our freedom. With a security certificate, anyone can travel almost as freely as it was in the days before the Coronavirus.
While in the past year, between the two waves of the pandemic, nearly half of the population went on vacation, this summer already looks more conducive to Hungarian tourism operators, Beatrix Tripps, director of social media and public relations at, told Weeks. According to the latest survey by Ipsos, 71 percent of residents plan to take a vacation this year. “As a result of the positive news, we are seeing a steady increase in the weekly volume of bookings received,” said Tripps.

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According to the reservation data for, Lake Balaton is still popular: among the top 10 local summer destinations, this region has the 1st place and 3-4 other settlements. Most Popular In Siófok. But Balatonfüred, Hayduszoboszló, Heviz, Iger, Gyula, Zalacaros, Pecs, Palatunlell and Sejid are also frontrunners.

Eight out of ten people planning a vacation abroad will go to Europe. The rest either travels outside of Europe or even uncertain. However, at the moment, we can only travel freely to the previously mentioned foreign countries using our protection card, with which we have concluded bilateral agreements.

What will happen to you in Budapest?

However, local traffic will not be enough to breathe Budapest, as foreign guests usually expect here. According to the current situation, about 5% of the Salalas sanctuary covers the capital and its catchment area. However, according to Beatrix Trepess, the capital tends to reach the capital for a shorter period of time, visit attractions or business travelers, so last-minute bookings are common, so after the flight, after the data is collected, this number will likely reach Be higher.

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