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Trailers, Demos, and Resident Evil 4 VR

Fulfilling Capcom’s promise, he gave another presentation at Resident Evil Village, but we received new information not only about the upcoming episode, but also about a number of other projects related to the franchise. Let’s see what happened on the Resident Evil Showcase!

Resident Evil 4 VR is coming!

Many consider Resident Evil 4 the best work in the series (by the way, the village derives a lot from it in its atmosphere and structure), and now they can rejoice, as they will be able to experience more than 15-year-old adventures in a completely new way … virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest 2. Because Resi 4 VR will only be available on these devices. In a short gameplay, we can already admire what it would be like to replace Leon, to experience the horrific adventure from an inside perspective, but more details will only be available at the Oculus Games Show scheduled for April 21.

Another show is coming to RE Village, but there are some limitations

Capcom doesn’t skimp on the village’s beta options, as another test run arrives after the Maiden Demo, another issue that may be in very complex shape. The point is, PlayStation users can savor the awe this weekend, and because of this, they can try out Village gameplay in two rounds. They can venture into the unattractive village first, but they will only have the opportunity to do so within 8 hours and spend only half an hour in one of the main venues of the village. Next weekend, a tour of the Demetrisco Castle that we mentioned a lot will follow with similar terms, and finally Capcom will open a unified demo to each platform in early May, allowing a total of one hour to play, with players deciding how that time splits between the two. Between trial runs. The exact timeline looks like this:

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Village Show (PS4, PS5)

  • April 18, 2021, 19:00 – April 19, 03:00

Castle Demó (PS4, PS5)

  • April 25, 2021, 19:00 – April 26, 03:00

Teljes Demo (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PC -Steam, Google Stadia)

  • May 2, 2021, 02:00 – May 3, 02:00

The schedule is very tight, but at least the preload is live from today, so it won’t be the time to activate demos.

The new trailer is a story trailer focusing on Ethan Winters

Understandably, Capcom is the most focused on one of the main villains in the village, Favorite Mrs. Demetriskora, so far, but now we’re finally able to learn more about the hero, Ethan Winters, who we are in, thanks to the new trailer. Incidentally, the Title Village shows, Miranda’s mysterious sister, Chris Redfield, and the feisty Umbrella Corporation.

Mercenary game mode is back

Although Mercenaries’ game mode has been one of the most popular options in the series since Resident Evil 3, it was last played in Resident Evil 6. However, this will soon change with this opportunity back in the Village, with a bit turbocharging. The essence of this is that players can prove their ability to compete in points, as they have to complete challenges in the game on time, but as a novelty, we will have the opportunity to purchase equipment between each section of the course, and there will also be rewards that improve some of our character’s traits.

The first preview of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has been revealed

Capcom finally showed off its first full preview of their co-animated series with Netflix, titled Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, which will debut sometime in July of this year. In the series, two of my favorites, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, try to survive a virus outbreak in the White House. Leon will not be unfamiliar with the situation, he once saved the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, in Resident Evil 4, but his job now will be to protect President Graham himself from a zombie attack.

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Guest appearance in Dead by Daylight

The asymmetric insanity of Behavior Interactive has already hosted many auras, including Silent Hill for example, but now it’s Resident Evil’s turn. The exact content we can expect, the iconic creature that can hide in the skin of carnage, has not yet been revealed, we have to wait until May 25. Then the two studios will reveal the details of the upcoming new chapter in June in a joint stream.