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Try to find a solution to his DIY problems at Mercedes Bahrain

Indeed, far-reaching conclusions cannot be drawn from the cycle times in the tests, mercedes However, its riders cannot be completely calm at the moment, despite the fact that the race car has been highly adapted for testing in Bahrain, W13 has yet to act the way riders do Lewis Hamilton And I want George Russell.

Mercedes also struggled with the ‘dolphin’ phenomenon during this week’s training, the drivers had significantly outgrown moments, and the corners simply lacked consistency in the corners. The experts on the site also said that from the outside it looks like It’s a bit difficult to drive a MercedesSo did Christian Horner, who runs Red Bullt.

At Mercedes, of course, there have been continuous efforts to improve the situation, for example by cutting the floorboard on Saturday afternoon, removing part of the lower edge, Thus changing the flow distribution in the front section of the floorunder the floorboard and in the diffuser area.

The team even during the final stages With flow indicator coating The W13 floorboard provided visual confirmation of the flow structures, and the team at the Brackley plant still had a lot of work to do to find solutions to the problems.

And the spread of the floorboard shows that At Mercedes they are trying to get rid of the “dolphin” phenomenon. Without raising the ground clearance, because they would inherently lose strength. Instead, modifying and improving certain areas of the floorboard is the German team’s preferred option.

Photo: Mercedes

The new floor tiles were tested by the team along with the root side cabinets in Bahrain, and while a more complex solution was used on the front of the Barcelona floor tiles, a slightly simpler design appeared in Bahrain. In addition, the design of the outer edge of the floorboards has also been simplified, especially when compared to the solution of some competing teams. The Ferrari and the McLaren For example, rules-compliant rim wings and some bend are used to keep the floorboard stable, but Mercedes with metal bracket Try to prevent the floorboard from bending excessively.

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According to, Mercedes is in its final stages in Bahrain It also made the front wing steeperTo push the car balance forward.

It will be revealed if last year’s builder champion can find a solution to the problems next weekend for the Bahrain Grand Prix. But let’s not forget Mercedes suffered more last year In pre-season testing, he was still able to win the opening race of the season through Lewis Hamilton.