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Tuesday Sports Show: MU-Atletico Madrid at BL

On Tuesday, Manchester United will host Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford in the eighth final of the UEFA Champions League. Ajax fights Benfica to reach the top eight. Fehérvár enters the field in the Austrian Hockey League.

Tuesday 15 March

football program

Championship League, Eighth Final
Manchester United (English) – Athletic Madrid (Spanish) (television: M4 Sport) – Live on a UFO!
21:00: Ajax (Netherlands) to Benfica (Portugal) (television: Sports 1) – Live on a UFO!

UEFA Youth League
a fourth
4:00 pm:
Juventus (Italy) vs Liverpool (English) (television: Sports 1)

Additional live broadcasts and major sporting events

table tennis
Grand Smash, Singapore

Australian League
Quarterly, match 4
HC Pustertal Wölfe (Italian) – Hydro Fehérvár AV19, Brunico (Brüneck)

a horse
Kenzi + Totti 1038 (television: Sports 2)

7 m:
ATP Championship, Round 3, Indian Wells (television: Eurosport 2)
7 p.m. and Tuesday 2 p.m.: Tennis, WTA, Indian Wells (television: Digi Sport1, Digi Sport2)

Sports radio program

morning show With Leventy Harsany and Eva Richtov
6.00: Who owns the sports pieces? What sports items will they buy, and what are the biggest scams about these items. Gabor Talmaxi talks about his remains
8.00: pranks in sports. From the bite of Suarez to the slightest joke at work or in the family
9.00: Case report from Ukraine – Georgy Donda, Real Word Director of the Carpathians, reports over the phone
10.00: Host: Cezanne Roland
14.00: Host: Rich Kristina
Homecoming, Presenter: Tibor Zygo
4:00 pm: The world’s first interactive team chess game Simultan: Judit Polgár vs. the scientist. Following the announcement of the frame, the Hungarian national football team – our guest: Jenny Sibos, MLSZ spokesperson
5:00 pm: Our guest is László Szabó, President of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee and the Hungarian Chess Society, who was awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit and the Knight’s Civil Cross Award.
6 m: Men’s Basketball Champions League after Falco. In front of the Budapest Men’s Swords Cup – our guest is considered: Áron Szilágyi, three-time Olympic champion Vasas fencer, and Krisztián Rabb, Vasas Youth Olympic champion fencer, considered his successor
7 m: Our guest is Szilvia Szabó, three-time Olympic silver medalist, 13-time world champion, nine-time European kayak champion.
8 pm:
Football in front of BL with István L. Pap, national sports officer. Anniversary: ​​Liverpool Football Club was founded 130 years ago
21:00: Before the IAAF World Indoor Championships: Balint Celes, Dominic Ilovsky, Anastasia Nguyen, Balas Fendix
10 pm: Daily summary, Champions League results

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