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Tünde Kiszel moves to Emilios –

furnished for a few days Kiszel Tunde And that Emilio-family. The transition is only temporary, and only lasts until the calendar fee house is renewed. “We were fine with elves for a very long time, so when it came to renovating our house we immediately offered to move in to live with us until the work was done. We always love seeing you, we have good conversations together, time flies in your company” Said Emilio, whose invitation was welcomed by Tünde Kiszel.

“There will only be a little renovation in my apartment when I’m finished, I’ll be back. Summer is busy, and I’ve been invited to several events lately. I had a birthday party, but also a bachelor party. There’s always something going on around me” Happy Tünde Kiszel, who is looking forward to the holiday.

Photo: Hit TV

“I am a true beach lover, every year I try to find a place where I can also enjoy the sea. In fact, I work all year round, so I gather for such a vacation.” said the calendar man, who also took his favorite things to his makeshift home – his first picture with his daughter and some sexy clothes – with him. Emilio barely had a word when the calendar singer showed it to her What’s in your bag.

“The Elf didn’t bring a regular nightgown with her, but pieces I didn’t know existed. That bag was a light nightgown, a fiery red corset, surprise. I also suggested Tina create similar pieces, but unfortunately I can’t get her to do it.” Welcome to the family, said Emilio with disappointment. in the show.

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