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Tünde Kiszel stole the show with her rich breasts: she was too hot in her green velvet dress – the Hungarian star

Kiszel Tunde Cause a big surprise a wheel of fortune to two young contestants when he appeared in the studio. One of them, who could have been the son of the calendar deaf, admitted: he has already fallen for girls of his age and already loves mature women.

The 61-year-old star was quickly disbanded, saying succinctly and succinctly, “Poverty dreams!”

Tiszde Kiszel’s sexy split in the Wheel of Fortune

“Thank God I have a lot of fans, so you can line up at the end of the line,” Tond Kessel added.

“You know Tippi is in front of you too, especially now that she’s lost weight, she’s a few steps away,” he continued, but also added that the Wheel of Fortune presenter would have to lose a few pounds to satisfy him.

No wonder Tünde Kiszel impressed the youngster, he looked sexy in his green velvet dress, and stole the show with his sexy opening on Wednesday night’s broadcast of the TV2 contest. She also told Kasha Teppin on the show that there were others out there for her, thanks to which she was very busy.

out of lucky hours

“I have a lot of invitations, I usually judge beauty pageants, as a surprise guest I get invitations for birthdays, name days and bachelorette parties, even girls’ parties – I give out cake for birthdays, for example. I always have a great success.”

Kiszel Tünde’s daughter, Donatella

Tünde Kiszel’s daughter can celebrate her 20th birthday on July 2, 2021. He goes to college where he learns classical singing, with the voice of mezzo-soprano. However, Donatella Hunyadi appeared in the news as a model: she has been a model since the age of 14-15, participated in various photography and fashion shows, and in May 2020 she also appeared on the website of Italian Vogue. with a picture.

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