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Tünde Polgár couldn’t stand the life of a nervously young retiree, it was completely over

They went to America as “little retirees”, and then came at the request of Vyas 3. Tond Bolgar and her husband Arpad They lived a truly luxurious life after 2010 in a quiet and pleasant environment in the United States. However, for a wife in her forties, this life situation was too slow and too limited, as a result of which she became depressed. It was good for him to work again and have a new purpose in life. This is proven on Life TV to Peter Hajo in Frisbee.

Look at me I’m blonde and naiveIt’s starting to be funny Tond Bolgar On the show to ask why he agreed to the invitation to the show. However, it turned out later that there was a very important reason for this. Her husband, businessman Arpad Polgar, has removed the headscarf.

According to the couple, the show did not cause any problems in their relationship Photo: Bors / Gábor Czerkl

“There was a low point in Tondy when we were permanently in America. It was the kind of retirement life we ​​lived there that suited me a lot to him. It was a bit of a problem, both mentally and emotionally. Become Depis. Maybe that’s why he accepted the invitationhonestly said Arpad Bolgar.

The luxurious wife didn’t know what to do with herself, so it was no coincidence that she slipped a bit from the streak of self-looting and contemplation.

I had already cleaned up the grout too, it was too much to start with myself and I felt useless. It’s horrible to feel like this at the age of 40Tondeh remembers.

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