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Turkey: in vain translated by Galatasaray, Besiktas is the hero

Besiktas defeated Balázs Megyeri, Göztepé 2-1, in the final round of the Turkish Football League, keeping Galatasaray at the top of the table, as well as Attila Szalai, Fenerbahce, and celebrated their 21st league title.

Dumaguí Vida (center) scored Beşiktaş’s first goal in the season finale against Göztepe (Photo: AFP)

The last round of Besiktas And the Galatasaray 81-81, prof Fenerbahce He would have expected 79 points. Galata could only beat Besiktast if he scored more points than he was because the scores against each other were in favor of the “Black Eagles”. All three championship matches were, by definition, played simultaneously. In the second half, Galatasaray advanced in the live broadcast schedule for a few minutes after reversing the match against Yeni Malatya Sport (3-1), but then Beşiktaş advanced for the second time with a penalty kick from Rashid Ghazal. Algeria as a guest of Guztepe and after that he no longer let the cheese sing from his mouth.

Aim for the championship title

Besiktas became the Turkish champion for the first time in four years, and for the twenty-first time in total, exchanging his ticket to the qualifiers for the next Champions League tournament. Galatasaray will also start at BL, in the second qualifying round. Attila Szalay’s side, Fenerbahce, with their last-minute goals, had already reversed the season final against Kaysersbor (2-1), but were unable to advance at the table, so depending on their league position, they could participate “only” in the European Cup Series that had already taken place. Newly launched Conference League – as did fourth-placed Trabzonspor. (However, if Besiktas is defeated by Antalya Sport in the Turkey Cup Final, the El share allocated to the cup winner will fall into Fenir’s lap.)

The King of Goals will go to Gabonese striker Aaron Bubendza, who has scored 22 goals.

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Ankaragoku, who also knew ex-striker Joseph Bentel from the ranks of Erzurum BP, Jinklerberg, Denizlispor and the former Federal Trade Commission, said goodbye to the front line. Istanbul’s Basaksehir, last year’s champion – who defeated Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League group stage in the fall – danced on the brink of elimination for a long time, but remained unbeaten in the last seven rounds (collecting 15 points during this period), and remained in twelfth place.

Turkey, S LPER LIG
Round 42
Kaiser Sport – Fenerbahce 1-2
Fenerbahce: Attila Szalai I played through the game.
Goztepe – Besiktas 1-2
Göztepe: Balázs Megyeri He was not a member within the match.
Sivasspor – Kasim Pasha 2-1
Qasim Pasha: Farga Kevin It started and replaced during the break.
The final result of the tournament: 1. Besiktas 84 points 2. Galatasaray 84 3. Fenerbahce 82 and 4 Trabzonspor 71