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Turkish Levi made a big announcement, and now her life is completely changing

The Exatlon Hungary star, who is very popular on social media, is determined to make a serious decision.

Turkish Lev got engaged months ago and can now prepare for her wedding with her partner who is most important to her. They have found harmony, form a wonderful pair, and imagine their future together.

It was recently decided that they would live in a completely different environment, which was partly to be expected because Levin clearly saw how much he loved being out of town. With that said, he said goodbye to Budapest, the countryside is more special to him and he is mature enough to appreciate everything.

“We moved to the countryside. Two months ago, we decided to move to Dunavoldvar.” – declared Levi, for whom the change had come for some time, because she liked the rural environment, the tranquility, where the opportunities differed.

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“Great place with very good natural endowments, friendly and inclusive community, and great programming. Many people who live in Budapest think that there is no life anywhere else outside the capital, no way to live in the countryside, no things to do, no entertainment.”

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