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Turns out that’s why the bikini party was boycotted

It was a special experience for those who attended a bikini party at a nightclub called Barba Negra. the prom Lagos D Nagy Pause for a few minutes to gently greet and gift one of the greatest bikini fanatics Report the event pepper.

According to the bandleader, they form a large family with their fans, it is not uncommon for fanatics to treat them with surprises and gifts. They also know a lot of their audience personally, like Monica, Who is the He has accompanied his favorites to their shows for thirty years, and he always stands there.

The bikini squad was cute with regular fans – Photo: Sándor Bánkúti (BS) Bors, Pictured: Lajos D. Nagy

“When I look down from the podium, Monica is always in the same place in the front row to my left.” He told Boers Nagy Lagos, band singer. “She’s our fan who started attending our parties as a little girl, she loved our music, and she’s the one who sent a cake to the locker room on my birthday, for example. This love is amazing, it always touches us. So, it’s worth doing it in moments like this.” Now we thought we’d surprise Monica and give her a unique T-shirt made just for her between two songs on stage.” he added.

Generations have grown up in the 30-year-old band’s music, but there seems to be a youngster too. The band members are also happy to see more and more families with children at their concerts. There were also mothers and fathers in Barba Negra whose children sang the beats around their necks.

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“One of our fans first came to the party with his mom when he was a baby. He later went to our parties alone to celebrate, and recently came into the locker room and showed me a picture of his four-month-old. It’s really nice that our music spans generations.” rock legend said.