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Turns out what great galactic hit has won the Let’s Do it Festival! second transmission

Let’s do the festival! The season opener took place on March 19, and tonight’s performers were able to climb to the second stage. In addition to the audience, the products were judged by Clary Palaz and Gyorgy Korda, Pal Vicki, Andy Palaz, Boji Nagy and Kasaba Poros, in search of the biggest Hungarian success of the last century.

A 10-week musical and elegant cruise awaits Danube viewers on Saturday evenings, while they can hunt for the biggest Hungarian hit of the last century. The show presents decades of era-making songs from the past 100 years, broken down over decades and interpreted by famous artists, in an original format, but with a modern theatrical image. In addition to the audience, the productions will be judged by Clary Palaz and Gyorgy Korda, Pal Vicki, Andy Palaz, Kasaba Poros and Nagy Bogy, who represent Generation Z. The two well-known faces of the channel, Lili Rokosvalvi and Emre Fodor, control the events.


Legends of the legendary Hungarian bands, including Illés, LGT, Omega and Hungária, entertained the audience at the Danube Show on March 26, which Pal Ficke was even more pleased with, as the songs of the 60s are so close.

Scroll, and we’ll show you the winners!

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