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TV2 Huge Announcement: They Compete in Exatlon Hungary All Star

As promised, TV2 made an important announcement on Wednesday evening about the upcoming season of Exatlon Hungary All Star.

The audience loved the first three seasons, in part because of László Palik. Legendary TV has returned to this show and has joined the TV2 family. Since then, there has been no downtime, and the massive action begins during the galactic seasons.

The place was Dominica, all three seasons had a completely different atmosphere due to the different characters. It’s been a huge hit, also on social media, recently with Szente Gréti winning the award ahead of Dorottya Buzás, while the boys won the mega award for Bálint Herczeg-Kis.

The departure of Laszlo Ballek was confirmed weeks ago, but without him there will be a fourth season, the long-awaited first star, so there will be opportunities for the riders who made their mark in previous seasons.

It has already been announced which contestants will fight for another prize, but now things are going to be tougher than ever. Champion Team Competitors: Dr.. Gabriela Bossa, Isabella Chagvari, Patrick Esztergalios, Alexandra Cocsis, Zuzu Kempf, Renata Racucci, Miklos Ungvari, Dorothea Szabo, Andras Viraj and Christian Somije.

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