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Twelfth, they are looking for the best non-profit digitization projects

For the first time this year, in addition to the opinion of a professional jury, audience votes will be taken into account when selecting the Innomax Prize winners.

Invitech launched its initiative in 2010, and Innomax . Award. In the early years of the tender, they were looking for modular digital solutions that would help their business. The winner’s circle was later expanded to include non-profit organizations, and today the information and communication service provider places special emphasis on supporting the latter.

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They are looking for Hungarian NGOs that want to develop in the areas of sustainability, education, health or even culture through digitalization. Depending on the call, it is possible to apply for the implementation of project ideas, or even the purchase of equipment, on the mentioned topics, which serve a useful social purpose using innovative information communication or IT solutions. The winners will receive financial and professional assistance to implement their ideas.

A novelty in this year’s competition, which has entered its twelfth year, is the selection of winners. As the company said in a statement, “The renowned jury will continue to play a key role in awarding the awards, but from this year onwards, the public will also have a say in the final standings.” The votes will no longer only decide the audience award, but will also play an important role in the selection of three other winners.

As per tradition, Invitech will carry out the application process with the help of an expert from the Effekteam Association this year as well. The deadline for applications is October 29, 2021, and the winning projects must be implemented by the supported organizations between March and December 2022.

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He didn’t miss last year either

Despite the pandemic, the award was announced last year. At the end of the previous application phase, the organizers also supported training for drone programmers, an interactive energy and climate awareness program, an app to help young people with learning disabilities, and the participation of children in maternity homes in online education or development. From a better knowledge base.