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Twitter’s new design caused a headache

Some Internet users experienced severe symptoms.

At the end of July, it became known that microblogging, which will resemble Facebook, could undergo a major transformation in the near future. Among other things, it turns out that the company is working on a new design for its mobile app. Changes will affect the size of images displayed on mobile devices, as well as the position of the profile picture. Reported snapshots will be much wider to fill the entire screen and also change the position of user profile pictures.

Now TechCrunch has it written byThat Twitter made some changes to the web version and the mobile app last week. The reason for the modification was to make the service accessible, so a number of design and spelling elements were changed, the contrast between text and background was also changed, and some dividing lines were removed.

However, many users have reported severe headaches when using a newly designed page or program for an extended period of time. Design researcher Alex Haagaard, for example, said he immediately felt severe pain in his eyes and had a headache for 30 minutes after the update was released. During development, the platform adhered to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) policy, however, the recommendations were somewhat ignored, including in the case of variance. The company immediately responded to the feedback and adjusted the contrast.

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