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Two American passengers received the highest fines ever for attempting to open a plane door during the flight

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed imposing the highest fines to date on two passengers on two airlines for “disobeying behaviour”.

One incident occurred on an American Airlines flight from Texas to North Carolina, in which a passenger was fined $81,950 (£63,000) for threatening a flight attendant. The flight attendant had a sin so great that he wanted to help the passenger when he fell into the aisle of the plane. Then the unnamed passenger pushed a crew member and tried to open the cabin door. When the cabin crew tried to stop him, he shocked one of the cabin crew members several times.

In the other incident, the passenger traveled with Delta Air Lines from Las Vegas to Atlanta. He allegedly tried to hug and kiss the passenger sitting next to him, then walked to the front of the plane and tried to open the plane’s door, refusing to sit in his seat and biting another passenger several times. The FAA ordered him to pay $77,272.

The FAA declared a “zero tolerance” for disobedient passengers in January 2021 and has since imposed fines of about $7 million. This was necessary because there are more and more violations due to the epidemiological rules and insults to employees. (BBC)

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