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Two kilometers away from a mudslide in a Japanese city, no more than a hundred people can be found

More than 100 people disappeared in a ghost game on Saturday in Japan, local media reported.

According to news reported by MTI, 113 people failed to contact the people after a landslide in Atami, southwest of Tokyo, in Seduzuka Prefecture, who are listed as missing. The news the day before was about twenty disappearances.

So far, three bodies have been searched by survivors, and 23 people have been resurrected from the ruins of about 130 houses that were buried by the mudslide.

The Atami River, known for its headwaters, the 37,000 and built on a hillside, was hit by a landslide on Saturday morning, two kilometers from a mudslide that hit the city. The second day of research is after the disappearances hampered by the rains that do not want to go away. In addition, meteorologists warn of the danger of another landslide.

The tragedy was caused by days of rain in the central and eastern regions of Japan. In some places, 400-500 mm of rain fell in two days.

It is becoming more and more common in the region to receive much more rain than the average for many years. As a result, 1,500 major landslides have occurred in the past 10 years, twice as many as in the past decade.

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