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U21 Eb: I have to protect the players – Jira

The European U-21 domestic championship partially started, in which the Hungarian national team knocked out Germany 3-0. After the meeting, Federal coach Zoltan Jera defended his players, to whom even the opponent’s coach told them a few words of encouragement after the match. Doubling the winning team, Riddle Baku, modestly highlighted the team’s unity, while Norbert Cendry said the pace could not be compared to the top spot at home.


According to Golt Zoltán (left), his players did their best to eliminate the difference (Photo: Miklós Szabó)

The author of the two goals From Riddle Baku German journalists asked if his performance caught the attention of Federal Captain Joachim Low.

“Praise be to the whole team, not just me. I’m happy, he’s really a super goalkeeper. Not much happened in the first half because we were together for a long time, and we had to get used to each other, but we acted well and the goals came after the break. It’s also important that we didn’t score Anything. I am proud of everyone, we are preparing for the next match. “

Stephan Koontz According to the federal coach, he also owes praise to the team in the second half, at first they played the ball slower, harder against us, but after the break their match became more continuous. Regarding Romania’s result against the Netherlands, he said: Even before the tournament he knew that the next opponent of Hungary had a very strong team.

Our Federal Coach, Zoltan Gera Male: disappointment with the result.

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“We wanted to make the difference. In the first 60 minutes we were very organized, the team defended well while the Germans played well, we were under a lot of pressure so we did not make any good decisions after the ball. I was expecting this, but I expected more from transfers, I was expecting more.” From possession of the ball and more attacks.After the first goal we had a very difficult time, and we could not get out of the fist.A realistic result was achieved. I have to protect my players because they’ve done everything, and I can’t blame them. Most of them hadn’t played at that pace under such pressure. We have a young team, and they have a great future, and we do not have to conclude from this match.

Jera added: He also told his players that they should raise their heads.

“I asked them to talk to each other about what they lived. A gift to be here, we have to enjoy the next two games. It is important that we try to raise the players’ faith and self-confidence, and they have to believe that we can succeed.”

NSO asked Tv what the opponent’s coach had said to him after the match, which he had been talking to for a little longer than usual.

“A word or two of encouragement because you know we are in a very difficult situation. It was a very sympathetic and worthy expression of the man on his part.”

Hungarian national midfielder, Norbert Cendry thought in the 60th minute that they could withdraw the match.

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“We defended ourselves in an organized way, then disintegrated, which cannot happen. The team must be preserved.”

In response to a question from National Sports, he said: The rhythm of the match cannot be compared to NB I.

“There wasn’t a minute that we could blow off, it was a completely different rhythm.”

In response to our question, he said that he is waiting for the match against the Romanians on Saturday for three reasons, he knows what it means for the country, while as a player in Budapest Honved he can play at the new Bozik stadium, and he will also celebrate his birthday on that day …

U-21, European Championship, Hungary and Slovenia
the group
Hungary 0-3 Germany (0-0)
Arena Salt Lake Mall, Behind closed gates. Led by: Quadra Fernandez (Spanish)
Bese Balázs – Bolla B., Balogh Botond, Mocsi, Deutsch L. – Kata, Mezei (Kovácsréti, 77.) – Palincsár (Hinora, 60.), Szendrei N., Kiss T. (Skribek, 77.) – Blonde A (Judge B, 60). Federal Trainer: Zoltan Gera
Germany: Dahmen – Vagnoman, Pieper, Schlotterbeck, Raum (I. Jakobs, 67.) – Baku, Dorsch (Janelt, 75.), A. Maier (S. Özcan, 75.) – Burkardt (Krüger, 67.) – Nmecha, Brescia (M. Klimowicz, 75.). Federal Trainer: Stephan Koontz
Newcomer: Namica (ranked 61), Baku (ranked 66, 73)

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