Win Your Life (a Squid game) has become one of the most watched series on Netflix, but the phone number that has appeared in it several times is real: its owner has been called by thousands these days.

In the Squid game series, a kind of South Korea For the battle of the survivors It can also be called, characters fight each other in a deadly series of games for a large amount of rewards. Players must register on a phone number. However, the number is a mobile phone number that already exists, also writes the mobile phone number of a businesswoman in Seongju BBC.

Since the series was shown, the woman has received thousands of SMS and calls. “I have been using this number for more than ten years, which is understandable if you are a little upset. I have already had to delete more than four thousand numbers from my phone,” he told a South Korean newspaper.

According to press reports, the woman was prosecuted for five million won (about 1.3 million forints), but declined the offer. Netflix did not want to comment on the latest statement, but has asked fans of the series not to call the number. Now they have also indicated that the scenes in which the figure appears will be cut.

Launched on September 17, the series became the most watched series on Netflix in ninety countries around the world within ten days.

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