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Ubisoft is doing a big fall cleanup on its servers


Online services for many older games will be closed in September.

03/07/2022 00:14 | Gerge | Category: game

There are certainly some players who are still actively pushing one or the other online game that is ten years old. The Ubisoft It has now brought them sad news, as the French publisher has announced that the online services of many of their older games will be shutting down this fall.

This means that for the games in the list below, the online servers and the multiplayer portion will not be available after shutdown. DLCs ​​released for them can no longer be downloaded, logged into with a Ubisoft profile, and if the single-player campaign also requires an online connection, the game can only be played by setting the console to offline mode. Here is the list of affected games:

Online services for the aforementioned games will cease on September 1st. Of course, upon hearing the news, many fans immediately began attacking the French brand on social media. Most people rightly complain about Ubisoft disconnecting them from DLC they’ve paid for in the past. ■

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