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UEFA could move BL final due to Ukraine-Russia crisis

The BBC reports that “Russia has sent troops to two rebel-held regions in eastern Ukraine that it fears is planning a military invasion. Several countries, including the UK, are expected to impose sanctions on Russia in response to this move.”

In this case, UEFA considers it unlikely that the match will take place in Russia.

Former British sports minister Tracey Crouch’s speech aligns with the official British view in recent days that armed Russian intervention is imminent. Crouch put it this way:

The final must be taken from there “on the spot”.

UEFA is not in the easy position of having to look for a new position in the short term for the third year in a row. As memorable, the 2020 and 2021 finals were also held in Portugal due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

BBC Sport is also reported to have lost potential new venues for Wembley on the day of the Premier League final due to the second and third streak final.

Otherwise, it would be a logical choice for Istanbul, which is currently considered the site of 2023, but was originally a site of 2021, although it was forced to abandon it due to the pandemic. It also wouldn’t make sense for Munich, which originally hosted the final in 2023, but from there Istanbul changed it due to the above, but in 2024 it could hardly be a venue for the BL final, given that next month Germany will host the European. Munich is one of the most important places there.

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It is also worth noting that

Budapest, Puskás Arena has helped UEFA several times in the past two years

Settlement issues.

Opening image: MTI/EPA/Salvatore Di Nolfi