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UEFA EURO in front of the audience only

UEFA President Efferin stressed that the Euro will be offered in the summer only in places where fans are allowed to enter the stadiums. The UEFA is putting pressure on some places, including Munich.

The European Championship is set to take place in the summer. For the first time, the venues are spread across twelve venues across Europe. Due to the current corona epidemic, it has long been feared that no visitors will be allowed. Now, in an interview with Sky Sports, UEFA President Alexander Efferin said: “The desire to play without fans of any match at the European Championships is not on the table.” He added that the European Championship could be held in ten or eleven venues only if some countries did not meet the requirements.

Alliance Arena is planned to be one of the twelve stadiums for UEFA EURO 2020. Image: Alliance Arena / P. Duck

Here is an overview of planned locations for UEFA EURO 2020.

With these statements, the UEFA leader is putting pressure on some of the host cities. In Bilbao, Dublin and Glasgow, there are as severe visitor restrictions as there are currently in Munich. Media reports from the respective countries suggest that several cities may opt out of the UEFA program.

The Munich venue is also at risk as current regulations prohibit all visitors. If the contagion situation does not allow openings here, the Alliance stadium could be avoided as a Euro ground. The city of Munich has now officially commented on the matter.

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TFP And the City of Munich “UEFA plans to continue with different scenes for Euro 2020, with as many spectators as possible in the stadium. “The return to Munich is not an issue,” the city clarified.

The Mayor of Munich criticized the statement of the mayor, Dieter Rider Sefer. “At this time, it is not possible to issue a statement on whether or not coronavirus epidemics will allow visitors to enter in June. However, it is clear that such events with visitors will not be permitted under current regulations.”

The current event values ​​of the host countries are as follows (as of March 17, 2021):
Azerbaijan: 43.3
Denmark: 104.5
Germany: 86.2
Ireland: 75.1
Italy: 260.8
Netherlands: 233.9
Romania: 172.8
Russia: 45.4
Spain: 74.9
Hungary: 558.1
United Kingdom (England and Scotland): 59.4
However, the specified values ​​may fluctuate significantly up to the Euro. These are the event values ​​for the last seven days.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that he will be assisting UEFA in the event and providing other English venues as venues if some of the venues for the European Championships are split this summer. In the UK, all contact restrictions will be lifted from June 21 if numbers allow.

The DFP, the city of Munich and other affected areas are now clarifying their situation to the UEFA until April 5th. According to the UEFA, places must choose one of four options after the deadline:

  • Basically full levels
  • 50 to 100 percent efficiency can be used
  • One-third of the seats can be used
  • No visitors allowed
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As of now, the last option is to withdraw the relevant location from the UEFA program.

It is not yet clear whether Germany will be one of the hosts of the upcoming European Championships. It depends on the development of corona infection in the next few weeks. (StadiumWealth, March 17, 2021)