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UEFA Women’s Basketball League: The Fourth Final in Sopron? Current position: No –

According to the current position, host Sopron Baskett has not applied to the April 4 Finals of the European women’s Euroleague quartet, according to MTA.

Commemoration of the 2019 Finals at Sopron (Photo: Namziti Sport)


“My clear answer at this hour is no. However, the deadline for entries is not over yet, so I don’t want to say that it is definitely not over, because that may change.” Reply Zoltán Török Monday to the current channel of M1 on the question of whether the Hungarian city will advance again to the final four competition.

Last week, David Gaspar’s side bid farewell to Lyon, France, in a domestic bubble in the quarter-finals with a round trip system. The Hungarian champion was 13 times out of the four in the Euroleague for the fourth time after 2009, 2018 and 2019, with the best result so far being the Silver Medal of 2018.

“Since we were in the Euroleague, we have played many very big games, but I dare say that since I was the captain of Supron the team did not play basketball at such a high level as in the first game against Lyon. Turkish evaluation. – We were excited in the rematch, when the opponent was twenty points ahead, and it occurred to us that the French could follow us. But we’re strong, not only in the starting line-up, but also on the small bench, there are always players – I think now of Border Betty and Megan Walker – who handle the match well and have important moves in crucial moments. ”

For the four-way final between April 16-18, Zoltan Turuk thought there were differences between the participants in favor of Yekaterinburg or Fenerbahce, for example.

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“On the other hand, our opponent in the semi-final, Salamanca, is a team similar to us, with a budget and a group of players in Paris. It is unpredictable, which of us will advance, I don’t think we will have fewer chances than the Spaniards, and we don’t think we have more.” – The executive said.