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UK has to handle its own internal affairs – China Radio International

Perhaps the longest-running country name among the great powers, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland may now be in danger of being shortened. On May 7, results of the Northern Ireland parliamentary elections revealed that the Sinn Fein party, which had been seeking independence from Britain, had scored a historic victory. Before the official announcement of the results, the party leader had already stated that the five-year action plan included an independence referendum.

The Bank of England expects inflation to exceed 10% in the UK. The British pound has become the worst performing currency so far in 2022. Due to many internal problems, dealing with external problems can distract people. In Europe, Boris Johnson was the first European leader to visit Zelensky since the outbreak of the conflict. Now he works in Asia.

Last year, Britain announced it would send two warships to Asia, saying it would strengthen defense cooperation with Japan this year. The truth is that stirring up trouble with other countries cannot mask its downward trend, but the risk of setbacks could make the local community even more divided – when Britain still had a “superpower” role with the United States, the people of Northern Ireland actually voted.

Some people were willing to stay in Britain for economic reasons, but because Britain is currently experiencing economic problems and Ireland is staying in the European Union, and the tax rate has been low in recent years, the Irish economy is booming. Apple and other multinational corporations are setting up headquarters in Ireland respectively.

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With the help of the Industrial Revolution, Britain became the world’s largest colonial power from an island nation. Northern Ireland is currently seeking to secede from the United Kingdom, and Scotland, which was occupied by the British, is also fighting for independence. History appears to be entering another cycle.

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