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UK: The Russian FSB has been tasked with organizing coups in Ukrainian cities

The United Kingdom believes that members of the Russian Federal Security Service have been tasked with carrying out coups in Ukraine following a possible invasion.

The British leadership believes that Russia’s dangerous spy agency, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), has been tasked with orchestrating coups in major Ukrainian cities with immediate effect after the Kremlin invasion.

The UK estimates that in a possible attack, Russia will first target military targets and then encircle the capital Kiev, after which FSB personnel will try to deploy only pro-Russian leaders.

The British government has not yet been able to provide any concrete evidence that this would actually be the plan of the Russian side, however they firmly believe that it would be the central invasion scenario described as “regime change in Ukraine”.

Both the United Kingdom and the United States see that Russia has now managed to build a force that can easily invade Ukraine after more than 135,000 Russian soldiers have lined up on the border, according to the latest estimates. guardian.

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