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Ukraine denies its desire for armed conflict in the Donetsk Basin

“The Russian Federation has escalated misinformation, including false allegations against Ukraine that (Kiev) is preparing a military attack in the Donetsk Basin. Officially: Ukraine is not planning an offensive operation in the Donetsk Basin. We are committed to political diplomacy to find a solution to the conflict,” the head of the ministry said. .

Kuleba said Ukraine, along with Germany and France, continues to work hard to revive negotiations in the “Normandy format”.

“We call on Russia to engage constructively in diplomatic efforts to reach a peaceful settlement, rather than undermining it,” the foreign minister added. But he added that Ukrainian diplomacy continues to work on strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities in order to “deter Russia from taking further aggressive steps.”

Kirillo Budanov, head of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, told the US Military Times in an interview with Ukrainian news portals on Sunday that Russia had amassed more than 92,000 soldiers near the Ukrainian border and was preparing to attack Ukraine by the end of January. . , beginning of February.

UNIAN news agency recalled a statement made by Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, on Monday. Bischoff said that he did not rule out that the reports of the imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces were aimed at concealing Kiev’s alleged aggressive aspirations, that is, its intention to resolve the Donetsk conflict by force.

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