In the closed zone since the 1986 nuclear disaster, nature has shaped the environment created by God, the environment previously created by human hands, in its own image. In this area, some entrepreneurs have embarked on a strange project: they created the beverage brand Atomik, which uses only locally grown ingredients. That is, from the closed area where food production is prohibited in principle as the radiation level may exceed the permissible limit.

The exploratory founders of Chernobyl Spirit first brewed vodka from local rye, using water below the area. Finally, the measurements show that traces of radioactivity can be detected, but a specialist at the University of Portsmouth said that a number of studies examining the potential effects were conducted before the break-in of big business.

Ecologist James Smith, who is also one of the owners of the Chernobyl distillery, reassured everyone, saying, “It is not more radioactive than other vodka.” According to the man, due to the distillation process, pollutants do not enter the final product.

With this said, they were so successful in the media that they broke into the more serious business. This year, brandy was already made from local apples, and in this case also, Ukrainian and British researchers have confirmed that Atomik is fit for human consumption.

The director of the Turin Forum Zakarpattia Tourist Information Center described the brandy water as coming from an artesian well 160 meters deep in the area. 75% of the proceeds from the sale of brandy will be used to help wildlife in the contaminated area and those who live in the area. ”Carpathian magazine True Word wrote.

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But the authorities had a say in the success story, as the first 1,500 completed bottles were seized by Ukrainian intelligence. Jim Smith, founder of the company and professor at the University of Portsmouth in England, said they are accused of having no Ukrainian tax stamps on the bottles while they wanted to sell all the bottles in the UK, so the bottles were marked with English markings. According to their attorneys, the seizure of products is illegal.