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Union Berlin: I feel every day that they want to build – Scheffer

András Schäfer himself admits that he is now fully integrated into the new football team, Union Berlin, as he said in the M1 demo seen by MTI.

Federation coach Urs Fischer explains to Andras Schaeffer. A midfielder feels confident in East Berlin (Photo: AFP)

“I was happier with the goal pass in the capital than with the pass. I’m not impatient, it’s okay if I’m just starting next season. I’ve already played against Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Berlin derby against Hertha he is “ – The midfielder is celebrating his 23rd birthday, told the current M1 channel on Wednesday, Andras Schaeffer.

The national team player 17 times, in connection with the German Bundesliga, emphasized that it was not the amount of running that mattered, but his speed and dynamics, but he felt that he was starting to get involved in it.

“I had a worse match against Stuttgart, and then we analyzed the 25 minutes I spent on the field on a video for an hour. It bothered me that they care about me so much because I feel they want to build every day.” Said Schaefer, certified by DAC in Slovakia, heads to the German capital during the winter transfer window.

Regarding the national team, he explained that in the four Nations League matches in June, they would like to get as much ball as possible, and at the same time it would be good to surprise them as much as possible.

“It is worth starting to play football for matches like this.” – Schaefer said about the European Championships against the Italians, the English silver medals and the matches against the Germans.

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