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United Kingdom – Boris Johnson awaits a cold beer: British venture locks up

United Kingdom

Boris Johnson awaits a cold beer: British dare to break out of lockdown

The British Prime Minister presents plans to gradually open the country, with restaurants allowed to open outdoors from next week. Johnson already has plans.

Already the pub plans to visit: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Stephen Rousseau / A.P.

A nice cold, excellent lukewarm beer in the bubble – the English dreamed of it in vain during the last three months of corona locking. On Easter Monday, the Prime Minister brought them good news: restaurants and pubs will be allowed to reopen from next week, but only outside initially, as predicted in the Conservative government’s easing plan. “Next Monday I will drink a pint carefully, but inevitably, in the beer garden,” Boris Johnson notes of his government’s announced measures.

Conservative politician, on the other hand, has slowed down the recently overflowing public debate about what is known as the Govt passport. When cinemas, theaters and stadiums reopen their doors in mid-May, many media outlets speculated that ticket holders should show their vaccine or the latest test. Johnson said it was a long way from that. There will be no “Covit Level Certificate” for the next two initial steps in next week and May: “There are serious ethical and practical questions to consider.”

Such objections were raised by about three dozen MPs from the House committee under Labor opposition leader Khair Stormer and Johnson. In the Tory-affiliated Daily Telegraph, its chairman, Graham Brady, warned the government on Monday that a break from the strict Govt law must be achieved and that the old “foundation of British independence” had returned: “Everything is permissible unless a law explicitly prohibits it. “

Fear of being excluded from public life

Opponents of the vaccine did not play a role in the public debate on the island. But they fear they will be excluded from public life. In addition to planned vaccine use, the government is already talking about the fact that the current Govt rapid test or evidence for the latest Govt disease should be sufficient for public entertainment access recognition.

From next weekend, the entire population will have the opportunity to be tested for the corona virus twice a week. It is good and good, Labor complains of opposition; But if you test positive, you need to be financially secure to escape from the self-isolation that can occur at home.

Meanwhile, 31.6 million people on the island have been vaccinated against Govt-19 at least once, which is almost half of the total population. For those over 70, the vaccination rate was 95 percent.

Fitness centers and libraries are also allowed to open

Great Britain is now 7.9 per cent twice vaccinated, compared to countries like Germany (5.2). More than 126,000 people have been killed by Govt-19, so the country continues to behave worse than a European.

In addition to the catering business, retail and fitness studios, swimming pools and libraries may open their doors from next week – social distance activities are guaranteed. Many people are eagerly waiting for hairdressing salons to open; The opening move in Scotland was already a joy on Monday.

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