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United Kingdom: Certificate of vaccination will be issued to sponsors

On the official website of the UK Department for Sports, the Sports Rights Committee wrote in an open letter to politicians requesting that sporting events be made available free of charge after the corona virus test or vaccination card.

Tottenham Empty Congo Stadium at Manchester City Rally (Photo: AFP)


Politicians have responded mixedly to this request: many see it as a good idea because it could help restart the economy and the sport, but there are also those who say it discriminates against people.

In the letter, supporters write that the vaccination certificate will allow them to return to the stands safely as soon as possible. “The end result will not be discriminatory, will not infringe on privacy and will meet all criteria.” – Reads the letter from the fans.

The UK government is currently engaged in relief work, which will allow a limited number of fans to attend the sporting events from May 17th. The English Football Association (FA) has decided that spectators can fill up to 25 per cent of the capacity of the stadiums for the European Summer Championships.

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