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Unlike Ferrari, Red Bull has no problems

While Ferrari is serious reliability He has problems, meanwhile Red Bull, the riders and manufacturers who lead the championship, do not have such problems. Gerhard Berger, Formula One legend and former co-owner of Toro Rosso, told Kronen Zeitung:

“Red Bull had some reliability issues at the start of the season. Now Ferrari straight. “

Indeed, Red Bull’s recent technical problems have been relatively minor, unlike the fatal engine failure that cost Charles Leclerc 25 points in Baku and thus Max Verstappen. When asked about a Red Bull-branded Honda supplier. Dr Helmut Marko responded to Auto Motor und Sport as follows:

“Unlike Ferrari, we don’t have any serious problems.”


Moreover, according to the report, the Red Bull engines are “barely showing signs of wear” even after several races. That’s why Marco continued:

“There have been strong ups and downs in the past five races, but everything has turned in our direction. However, this could turn around again. There is no doubt that Ferrari has a strong car if they can solve their problems. That is why we should take all the An opportunity they have to give us.”

Ten-time race winner Berger also agrees:

“It’s going to be like that all year long, so both teams know they need to keep improving. We can see that Ferrari is really on the cusp of it.

On the interim, we can see Ferrari have a slight performance advantage, but they will have to pull a thunderbolt or two here and there because their overall outages are the hardest hit. And you can’t afford too much of that. Red Bull looks like a familiar team used to fighting for a world title, while Ferrari has been around for a long time, so they’re not too confident about that.”

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Meanwhile, Mercedes have confirmed that a back injury will not stop Lewis Hamilton from racing in Montreal this weekend. Chief Strategy Officer James Fowles commented on their situation:

“Lewis is here this morning, I spent a few hours with him and he is fine. We pushed the package so much with our pilots in Baku that it caused them great inconvenience and they were unable to do it again.”