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Unpleasant symptoms: Maritti Petit was diagnosed with a disease

Marix Petty On his social side, he declared that he did not have good skin that fans could see on him, because his mouth was also sore due to his weak immune system. He found out to Ripost that the concerts weren’t canceled anyway. The singer told our newspaper that we really need to rest, because in addition to fatigue: coughing, shortness of breath and colds also tormented the artists of ValMar.

Photo: TV2

“I started with Milan and then I got sick too. I might have gotten it from him, but it doesn’t matter, as we both said we were exhausted.” Betty started Mareks, who is not surprised that his immune system is weak and that he usually listens to his body’s message.

“It’s down to the number that happens when I’m weak. I’m also coughing and short of breath. We recently shot Asia Express, where we were able to relax our voices, but we were also tired mentally and physically, and after we got home we became more impulsive with music and pushed The shows are non-stop. It’s obviously been a lot for us, but we don’t have much time to recover.” Said the singer who regrets canceling a concert.

“The situation is that the audience finds it difficult to understand if the performer is ill. They are waiting for this work, for that day, so they don’t feel it is sick to stand frantically on stage. That’s when our conscience hurts, so we’ll party to the end. We will also travel to Countryside on Wednesday, and we’ll have two shows.We’ll do what we can and then rest Friday through Friday, but that’s too dangerous. What if the following six gigs are canceled due to stress? At that time, the doctor wanted to send me to the silent treatment in Star before Star, because the vocal cords were too forced … I want fans to understand that ValMar is planning for the long term, we want to play for years for Come on, so we need to pay more Caring for our health Marix finished Betty, who is trying to improve her condition a little with vitamins.

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