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Upcoming Events Family, Community & Mental Health – Hungarostudy 2021

The Maria Cobb Institute for Population and Families (KINCS) and the Institute for Behavioral Sciences at Semmelweis University Family, Society and Mental Health – Hungarostudy 2021 are organizing Professor Dr. Maria Cobb Memorial Conference on Thursday, January 13 at 10.00.

The conference will be broadcast live online link below.

Detailed programme:

10.00 Opening Speechs – Memorial Year Opening of Copp Maria, Tondi Ferris, President, Treasure Frosina Skripsky, President, Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement

10.10 Welcome Robert Zigo, Parliamentary Secretary of State for Families Professor Dr. Bella Merkele, Rector, Semmelweis University Video Message Miklos Soltis, Secretary of State for Church and Ethnic Relations, Prime Minister’s Office

10.25 Presentation of Hungarostudy Research Results in 2021 Prof. Dr. György Purbel, Director, Institute for Behavioral Sciences, Semmelweis University Dr. Agnes Engler, Vice President, Al Khazna

10.40 coffee break

10.55 Roundtable Discussion on the Intellectual Heritage of Maria Kopp and Arpad Skripsky, Hungarostudy Research 2021, on Mental Health for Hungarian Society and Families Moderator: András Székely, Senior Researcher, KINCS Dr. Éva Susánszky, Associate Professor, Institute for Behavioral Sciences, Institute for Behavioral Sciences Zoltan, Deputy Director of Research, Institute for Behavioral Sciences, Semmelweis University Dr. András Pári, Research Leader, Ágnes Kapdebo, Policy Analyst, TREASURY

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