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US warships and soldiers are coming to Europe

In a statement to the press, the two politicians did not detail exactly how much the troop increase would be. Shortly before the meeting, Jake Sullivan, the president’s national security adviser, said: Two more destroyers will join the four warships stationed at the base on the Mediterranean coast.

Before the start of the NATO summit in Madrid, the Spanish Prime Minister received the President of the United States, with whom he strengthened their bilateral relations in a joint statement, including in the areas of defense, security, justice, migration, climate change, energy security and scientific cooperation.

The mutually signed document also shed light on the strong relationship and strategic partnership between the two countries, as well as their strong historical roots.

“We share the desire to advance freedom, democracy, human rights and gender equality,” Pedro Sanchez said in a short, indisputable press conference. He noted that the two countries last signed a joint declaration of cooperation more than twenty years ago, but since then the world order has changed.

“Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of international law, a direct attack on shared values, and justifies the need to strengthen our position in favor of a rules-based world order,” the Spanish prime minister said.

Joe Biden said the NATO summit in Madrid, which runs through Thursday, will take place at a “crucial moment”. He stressed that the attack on Ukraine united the allies. “NATO is an essential component of transatlantic security,” he said, calling on member states to deal with threats from both the east and the south.

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The US president called for continued assistance to Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Russia, and thanked Spain for hosting some 150,000 Ukrainian refugees. After discussion with Joe Biden with the sixth prime minister. Philip met the King of Spain in Madrid.

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