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Using a piano, the player distributes death in Call of Duty: Warzone

Another console that’s totally mindless and not practical at all was invented for Call of Duty: Warzone, Eurogamer. This time, a player discovered that he was going to hop with a piano under his fingers on the brutal Verdansk battlefield, as well as in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. It might sound like a less insane idea than a baguette gun, but it actually makes the game more difficult.

a Redditen grooviehoovie came out of his head to play the electric piano Bome Midi Pro connects you to the latest Call of Duty games. The biggest drawback to this solution is aim, as the camera jumps a lot when trying to move it with the buttons on the piano. So our man for a month a The Kovaaks exercised unconventional control of a 2.0 coach before trying to round up as many murders in life as possible. Due to the character’s strange movement, it wouldn’t be surprising if his opponents thought he was using some kind of cheat. Anyway, this is what the deadly performance looked like in practice:

If you are interested in knowing more details, grooviehoovie made a video of his unusual project at To your YouTube channel.

The latest news about Call of Duty: Warzone is that the dust around its orbit was recently washed away in a nuclear attack. In principle, the revamped map will be available tonight and Season 3 begins today.

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