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Vaccination certificate in English for travel: get it this way

In Hungary, since May 20, everyone who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus has received a bilingual certificate, but if they have been vaccinated before, there is still a solution.

Call your doctor or vaccinator

In fact, the certificate has to be ordered separately, but the process is very smooth. The only thing you need to do is see your GP – you can do this even if you have been vaccinated at the point of vaccination.

But some hospitals, such as Uzsoki Street Hospital in Budapest or Ferenc Jahn South Pest Hospital, will also accept applications by email and provide the necessary information. In a few days, you can pick up the document in person.

You can also download the English version of the vaccination certificate here, click!

However, things at the military hospital are slower due to the large number of vaccinations, so people who have been vaccinated here are asked to see their GP for this matter. It is generally correct that who 2121.2021. She was previously vaccinated by NNK published It can be issued by any licensed health care provider, including a GP.

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As it is, a bilingual certificate is needed almost everywhere at border crossings, until one EU vaccine passport is available, which we will of course be able to use “only” for travel between EU countries. As is currently the case, those vaccinated with the Sinopharm and Sputnik vaccines may not receive this, but this may change.

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