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Vaccine offers and a global minimum tax at the G7 summit

A total of one billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine were delivered by members of the G7 group of the world’s most industrialized nations at their summit in Cornwall, UK. Half of the vaccines are provided by the United States, with an additional 100 million doses donated by the United Kingdom.

It is important not to repeat the mistakes made during the last crisis. The recovery from the 2008 global economic crisis did not affect different sectors of society equally. “This is exactly the danger of a pandemic now, and these disparities may become permanent,” said Boris Johnson.

The meeting of heads of state and government, including US President Joe Biden, is expected to give a new impetus to the global economy, which has stalled as a result of the crisis.

In the years following the 2008 economic crisis, the importance of the G7 summits has been questioned. Indeed, the G-20 has taken the reins of global leadership, its leadership in the global economy. Thomas Friang, director of the Institute for Open Diplomacy, said it is time for like-minded leaders committed to democratic values ​​to sit down again.

The G7 summit is expected to formally agree on the 15 per cent minimum global business tax level for companies, which was previously negotiated.

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