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Valve appears to be running on a portable console

We only know Valve as Steam, one of the most successful publishers / developers who run a PC and client store on the Internet, not forgetting his games, even if Gabe Newell’s studio doesn’t like number 3. Valve, of course, not only tries software, but also With hardware: The Steam Machine and Steam Controller weren’t very successful attempts, but it didn’t discourage them and SteamVR came up with, recently planning to launch a portable console.

It was shared by Pavel Djundik, creator of a database called SteamDB On TwitterWhat it knows: Valve makes a manual controller, presumably called “SteamPal.” Djundik extracted this from the latest Steam client beta files, which you can view yourself Here. For us, the lines “GameList_View_NeptuneGames: SteamPal Games” and NeptuneName: “SteamPal” are really interesting. There were indications.

Pavel Djogendik reports that he has also found several references to quick access and play / pause or power management menus, including a flight mode that reinforces suspicion that a small portable game machine called SteamPal, codenamed Neptune, is approaching. He recently resumed with Gabe Newell During a conversation Valve boss said on the issue of whether or not they plan to release some Steam games only for consoles, we’ll learn more about this at the end of the year. Could it be that Newell referred to SteamPal?

This is the Steam console, but if you’re really building a portable console called SteamPal, then it comes up. It will be this big

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