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Valve grabbed the Steam Deck so customers don’t have to

The company shows in a video what the upcoming development holds and doesn’t advise anyone to look inside.

Valve revealed its portable console, called Steam Deck, this summer In the news below We also reported, and it turned out earlier that Standard SSD is used, so they are theoretically interchangeable.

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The manufacturer has now shown in a video how to disassemble the devices for this process, however, the whole procedure is not recommended if someone does not feel that they have the experience to do it.

However, replacing an SSD isn’t unacceptably difficult, but there are a few factors to keep in mind that Valve is drawing attention to. The storage built into the system has been carefully chosen at the factory, and another device of a different type but with the same format can cause problems. One potential concern is increased consumption, which can reduce uptime and worsen cooling of course, and the other is electromagnetic interference, since the SSD in the Steam Deck is very close to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. The SSD of the factory is chosen so as not to cause any annoying phenomena, but with another SSD, it is already conceivable that the performance of Wi-Fi will decrease.

Because of the above, Valve prefers to expand with a memory card if there is not enough storage space, as it is much easier to implement and does not hide pitfalls.