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Valve has great news for Steam Deck pre-orders!

Valve’s new announcement brings good news to those who pre-ordered this year’s Steam Deck but haven’t received it yet.

For all those who have been waiting for an update on Steam Deck reservations, Valve has some good news. Earlier today, Valve announced an update to its Steam Deck production and stated that anyone with a Steam Deck reservation can expect to receive it this year.

Valve announced in a Twitter post where they shared news about Steam Deck released this year and more information on the subject. According to the post, anyone who currently has a Steam Deck reservation can expect to receive it by the end of this year. Supply chain issues have been clarified and as a result a lot of people’s orders have been pushed into the Q3 2022 release, with the remaining bookings in the Q4 2022 release window.

In the comments, the post also clarified some confusion about release windows, adding that the third quarter means July to September, while the fourth quarter covers October to December. Overall reception of the post has been generally positive so far, with many in the comments section expressing surprise at the update. Some people were still skeptical about the news, but there are many who are excited to get their hands on Steam Deck later this year.

The post also included a link to the main Steam website, where Valve has continued to provide more details about the production of Steam Decks and what players can expect. In the post, Valve claims that it will be able to fulfill the demand sooner than expected for those in the Steam Deck queue. Now that many of the supply chain issues have been gradually resolved, this allows Valve to continue producing Steam Decks. Valve will now be able to continue producing Steam Decks “faster than ever.”

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The post also expanded on what was written in the original Twitter post about Q3 and Q4 release windows for Steam Deck bookings. He claimed that everyone currently on the Steam Deck queue will receive an email to request them later this year. Also, many customers who were in the “Q4 or later” release window have moved to the Q3 release window, while everyone is now in the Q4 release window.

At the time of writing, new Steam Deck reservations will be streamed into the Q4 release window. However, according to the post, if the reservation lines are full, it will “move to the next quarter.” Other than that, the rest of the post has Valve thank its loyal supporters. He thanks everyone for the positive feedback and hopes that new Steam Deck owners will enjoy their game systems when they arrive.

source: GameRant