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Vandals destroyed unique Roman remains

Vandals insulted and damaged a recently discovered ancient site that scholars say is a Roman remains unique in Britain but throughout the former Roman Empire.

Archaeologists in Historic England say the find, unearthed at a construction site in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, is easily the “most important Roman discovery of the past decade”. The news of the discovery may have attracted vandals to the scene, who broke into the scene on the night of April 14, equipped with metal detectors.

At the moment, the authorities could not say that anything had been removed, but the fence and parts of the land were damaged.
We learned of illegal activities over the past week at the site of newly discovered Roman buildings . said to the BBC Keith Emrick, Superintendent of Antiquities in Historic England. – Since the archaeological potential of the area has been known to the public for some time, it has become a hotbed for illegal mineral exploration.

The building complex includes a round room and a bathroom.Source:

Like many archaeological finds in the UK, Roman remains were found in one of the buildings. The building complex includes a circular central room and lounges as well as a bathroom. The total area is about two tennis courts.
We have spoken to several prominent Roman academics about the discovery and are trying to find another place to compare this unique find, but we have not yet found Emrick noted. “So in that sense, it’s a really important and very exciting discovery.

According to experts, it is possible that after the landowner built the property, it became a religious shrine or even a kind of gentleman’s club. Preliminary analyzes showed that The property was designed by the best contemporary Northern European architects and built by the finest craftsmen.To make the unusual find possible to visit at a later time, the real estate developer changed plans and the Roman remains area was not built with apartment houses, but was left as a public space. Reality,

Historic England intends to designate it as a national monument in the near future.

However, in light of the recent acts of vandalism, it increases security, as these types of crimes can cause serious damage to historical assets.

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